The Christian Academy

Name Brand Religion

What are the populist notions of Religion?  For something that was intended to reflect transformation and personal relationships, it is safe to say that in society it has drifted far afield of this original intent.  Dr. Wes Howard-Brook of Seattle University briefly explores some of the facets of Religion and how it might apply to our discovery and subsequent story of In Bearing Witness.

Can the "Academy" speak to the lay Christian?

There is pride to be cultivated in degrees earned, books published, honors bestowed, or interviews granted; academic introversion can easily transform into callousness toward people of ordinary intelligence; cliquishness and partisanship can be  exploited for promoting my faction, race, sex, or political persuasion at the expense of others; and there is an eagerness to view the gifts that are not congenial to scholarship as somehow less important. These and other sins of intellectuals are familiar to everyone with any expediting the academy. They amount not to an argument against scholarship, but to occasions for redemption. The redemptive is found in Christ.

Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind, Mark A. Noll, Eerdmans Publishing- 2011, Pg. 61