Areas of Interest for question in our video:

  1. What significant events during the late mid 19th of Enlightenment to the early 1900's shaped Evangelical thought going into the 20th Century?

  2. If we were to layer "The Religion of Empire Vs Religion of creation care" over the Evangelical movement, what would be the distinctions?

  3. How important is eschatology "end is nigh" today with the 20th Century "Disappointments" or unfulfilled predictions to the task of building God's "Presence of the Kingdom" in the present?

  4. How important is institutional Racism specific the White Christian Church in resolve between the two mentioned camps?

  5. To whom or what do you attribute the rise of fundamentalist doctrine at the end of the Enlightenment period of the 19th Century.

  6. What are the major blockages between Social Justice Vs Social Conservatives in finding reconciliation?

  7. Is "...Let go and let God" a byword for the emergence of anti-intellectual fundamentalist sentiment during the early 20th Century?

  8. How do dispensationalists reconcile in their approach the address of Christ's message of mercy, grace, & forgiveness?

  9. Who are the modern day Sadducees & Pharisees?

  10. Where does cultural awareness fit into the modern day Evangelical movement?

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