In Bearing Witness, is a 60 minute HD documentary video, Produced by Bill Aston Media Production, a solely owned media company in Seattle, WA. In addition to the resources available through Bill Aston Media Production, henceforth referred to as BAMP, administrative and 501(3) status is being pursued through a relationship with Northwest Film Forum. Currently, BAMP is pursuing Producer and Co-Producer relationships in the fulfillment of this production.

The documentary, In Bearing Witness, …will explore apparent differences between Social Justice and Social Conservative entities within the Evangelical movement. The time period for this exploration is primarily the last 175 years of evangelical development in the United States. Although this period is of particular focus, events illustrating nascent beginnings of religious and economic concern will be explored where appropriate.

The production phase of In Bearing Witness will be a combination of interviews, archival footage, animated sequences, and historical events particular to the phenomena of the Evangelical as an element of the Christian landscape in America. Our exploration will search that which is a priori I.e. “universal and necessary” to the make up of American culture and society. What are the latent threads that exist that have brought Evangelicals, in particular,  to a moment of grief, denial, and possible acceptance of what is possible in the future? In particular, we will look at the hierarchy of the Christian Evangelical movement and what might be giving way to previous marginalized groups within the Christian community.